The Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC) is an annual gathering of undergraduate students with interests in the mathematical sciences. It is the largest event of its kind in North America. Each year it attracts over a hundred students of all abilities, from diverse fields such as pure math, applied math, physics, economics, bioinformatics, statistics, computer science, mathematical finance, and actuarial science.

The 17th CUMC will be held at the University of Waterloo (located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) from July 6 to July 10, 2010. We encourage students who are interested in any math-related field to participate. This is a great opportunity to not only learn about new areas of mathematics, but also to meet students from across the country with similar interests, and to practice giving a mathematical talk (which is encouraged but not required).

Registration will be up on February 1, 2010. Please register as early as possible.

You can reach us at

Latest News!

Thank You! August 25th, 2010

Thank you for attending CUMC 2010, the biggest CUMC/CCÉM in its 17-year history! There were roughly 245 participants, not counting keynote speakers and a few students who signed up on registration day.  Our best wishes go out to next year’s organizing committee, who will be hosting CUMC 2011 at the University of Laval!

Conference Booklet Up! June 29th, 2010

Conference booklets are up! This includes all the talks that were accepted. Almost all of the talks sent in by about June 20 were accepted. You can find the pdf file either on the Schedules or Speakers sections.

Life as a Female Mathematician: Graduate Studies and Beyond June 14th, 2010

Are you interested in knowing more about life as a female mathematician?  If you are coming to the CUMC, or happen to be in Waterloo on July 8, consider attending this panel discussion:

Remember to register by June 30!

Summer School in Combinatorics May 4th, 2010

To those who want to attend the CUMC and have trouble getting travel support from your school: the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo is offering “Summer School in Combinatorics”, from July 5 – July 6, that offers paid travel to and from Waterloo, free registration, paid meals, and of course great math. This may be very helpful to those who want to learn more math and have trouble getting financial assistance to come to Waterloo for the CUMC. Go here for more information.

Having trouble attending the entire conference? April 8th, 2010

We’ve been receiving many inquiries and concerns from students about having trouble attending the conference because they cannot or don’t want to those days off (July 6 – July 10). We urge you to consider attending at least a portion of the conference, because:
1) There is no other event in Canada like this for mathematically-minded students;
2) Even if you show up for just 3 days, 90 dollars is not considered pricey compared to other conferences. For example, the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference is charging 105 dollars for 2 days. You might notice that the 90 dollars registration fee is more expensive than the ones in the past, but keep in mind that our accommodation rates are at least $5/day cheaper than that of all the other CUMCs in past 5 years (with the exception of Toronto’s, which is about $1 cheaper than ours).

If you do decide to show up for a portion of the conference, we recommend you to schedule it so that you get to attend one of the banquets.

Waterloo students discount April 8th, 2010

The Mathematics Society of the University of Waterloo and the Mathematics Endowment Fund has just made it possible for us to offer 50 CAD off the registration fee for the first 100 University of Waterloo students who sign up! (It was 40 before)

Again, please indicate your school in the online registration as University of Waterloo, and after we have verified that you are indeed a student here, we will reimburse you at the conference. If you’ve already signed up, then you will automatically be considered the reimbursement.

CUMC @ Waterloo Campus March 22nd, 2010

Hey Waterloo students! We just wanted to let all of you know that the first 40 University of Waterloo students to sign up get 50 CAD off their registration fee! Please indicate your school in the online registration as University of Waterloo, and after we have verified that you are indeed a student here, we will reimburse you at the conference. If you’ve already signed up, then you will automatically get the reimbursement.

Find us on campus this week from Monday to Wednesday (March 22 – 24) at the MC 3rd floor or SLC; we will be having representatives there to answer your questions.

The conference is a great way to get acquainted with peers across the country interested in mathematics. Check out the rest of this website for more details. And for what we’re offering (2 banquet meals, 2 lunches, t-shirts, conference package, tons of talks, and more), attending the conference is a steal. Remember: the conference is paying 130 CAD in variable costs (not counting fixed) for every student, so regardless of a 40 or 90 dollar registration fee you end up paying, it is still really worth it.

New Speaker February 24th, 2010

We’ve found our 6th keynote speaker: Greg Brill, CEO of Infusion Development. Check out the Speakers page for more info.

Cool CUMC Press February 24th, 2010

Some of our friends at First Search Blue has a neat article about this year’s CUMC. Check it out here!

Registration is up! February 1st, 2010

Hey everyone, after a big month, we have registration ready for you all! Click on the Registration to get info on signing up. We look forward to see many of you this summer!