CUMC 2014 - Carleton University

2nd - 5th July


We would like you to invite you to stay in Carleton University's residences during your trip to our nation's capital. The Carleton campus is isolated from the rest of Ottawa, so everything on campus - from residence rooms to conference events - is reachable by a short walk. To ensure the best possible experience for your stay, we have booked 150 rooms in one of our best buildings, Prescott house. This will ensure that everyone will be able to easily meet other participants and make new friends.

As a bonus, if you book with our residences you will get breakfast free, served buffet-style in our renowned dining cafeteria located only minutes away.

Carleton Residences

The following is some information that applies to you, as participants of CUMC 2014 staying overnight in residence:


  • 54.76 + HST per bed per night in a single room (one twin sized bed, shared kitchenette, shared washroom)
  • 44.46 + HST per bed per night in a double room (two twin-sized beds, shared kitchenette, shared washroom)

Check in/Check out

  • Check in time is after 3pm on July 2, 2014.
  • Check out time is prior to 11am on July 6, 2014.
  • Any check in's or check out's that are outside of these listed times are subject to a $15 charge per person. If checkout occurs later than 6pm on the day of checkout, a full day will be charged to your account.


  • If you decide to book with us, please do so ASAP! Keep in mind that although there are additional rooms available in our residences besides 150 we blocked off, you will want to be as close together as other CUMC participants. Book with a friend to take advantage of the discounted rate for double rooms!
  • There is no Wi-Fi on our residences, but you will be supplied with an Ethernet cable in your room.

For booking information, click here! (Note: you will have to call to make your reservation, as there is no online booking mechanism available.)

University of Ottawa Residences

Another option to stay is at the University of Ottawa, as their residences also offer summer accommodations. Located in downtown Ottawa, it is a good alternative if you plan on visiting a lot of Ottawa's downtown locations during your stay. However, note that the University of Ottawa is located about 10 minutes from Carleton by car, or 30 minutes by public transportation - so you would have to travel back to Carleton daily to attend the conference's main activities. There is also a difference in pricing. Nevertheless, if you would like, you can find more information below to book with them:

Summer Accommodations (pdf) Residences


If neither option treats your fancy, Ottawa has many traditional accommodations options as we are Canada's capital. You may find the information on the Ottawa Tourism website.

Travel Expenses

We have an Air Canada discount code available for conference attendees! Enter the discount code HDAWAJ61 when you search for flights.