CUMC 2016 - University of Victoria

13th - 17th July

Abstract submissions are now closed.

Why No 45 Minute Talks?

This year, the CUMC organizing committee has decided to offer the opportunity for students to give 20 minute talks only, in lieu of the past option of longer presentations. This idea of restricting to 20 minute talks was originally proposed to us by Studc and we feel it would be beneficial to the conference for the following reasons:
  • Being an Editor: Putting together a snappier, more concise talk involves a surprisingly nontrivial amount of work. To know how to cut out excess detail and distill your ideas from 50 minutes of material down to 20 is a valuable skill. You'll end up with a more polished presentation.
  • Eliminating Scheduling Woes: More and more students present at the CUMC each year and we're glad students seize the opportunity to share their ideas and practice presentation skills. However, this has also meant that the number of concurrent talks has increased, and scheduling becomes difficult. By limiting the length of every talk to 20 minutes, we hope to reduce the number of simultaneous presentations and the likelihood of having similar talks at the same time.
  • Attentive Audiences: We're aware that the CUMC is a fairly long conference that can turn into a veritable marathon of learning and networking. Some level of exhaustion is inevitable. Keeping talks shorter means audiences will be able to gain more from talks and give the presenter the attention they deserve.
  • Have you ever shown up to a talk, thinking it was cool, and then realized five minutes later that you were way in over your head? This can be a bummer no matter how long the talk is. However, a 20 minute talk is generally easier to follow and get the general gist of than a longer, potentially more technical one. Even without the necessary prerequisites, there is still a lot to gain from the more evidence storyline of a concise talk.
  • You'll get to see more talks!

As a student, giving a talk is a great experience and can connect you with other students with similar interests. We hope you sign up!