CUMC 2016 - University of Victoria

13th - 17th July

Friday Activities

Gender Diversity in Math Evening

On Friday, July 15th, we are hosting an evening dedicated to the celebration of Gender Diversity in Mathematics, and discussion surrounding the topic. The evening will consist of tapas and mingling, followed by a panel discussion, and finishing with a dessert reception. Please note that you may only attend the tapas and/or dessert reception if you attend the entire event.

Saturday Activities

On the afternoon of Saturday, July 16th, there are two optional activities (see below for descriptions). Transportation is included for both options.

Option 1: Royal BC Museum*

The Royal BC Museum's Website

The permanent displays at the Royal BC Museum take visitors from prehistoric British Columbia through to BC in the 20th century, focusing on BC’s Natural History and First Nations.

Featured Exhibitions:

  • Our Living Languages – “This interactive exhibition celebrates the resilience and diversity of First Nations languages in BC in the face of change.” Check out the Our Living Languages Exhibit
  • Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age – “This engaging and interactive look at these magnificent creatures will transport visitors to a time when giants walked among us and humans struggled to survive in a world they had yet to conquer.” Check out the Mammoth Exhibit

Option 2: Buskers' Festival/Explore Downtown

The Busker Festival's Website
Downtown Victoria's Website

The Buskers' Festival features professional street performers from all over the world performing on stages throughout Downtown Victoria. Entertainers in the festival include flame throwers, acrobats, magicians, jugglers, unicyclists, hula hoopers, giant puppets, balloonists, musicians and more!

Watching the Buskers Festival is free, however it is a good idea to bring a few toonies or $5 bills to give to any buskers you find particularly entertaining!

Aside from the Buskers Festival, Downtown Victoria has some excellent attractions including:

  • The scenic inner harbor (featuring the Parliament Building and the Empress Hotel)
  • Beacon Hill Park
  • Excellent shopping, food, and coffee

*Walking through the Royal BC Museum is estimated to take the entire 3 hours, so if you go to the museum, do not expect to have time to explore downtown.