CUMC 2018 - Saskatoon

11th - 15th July

About the Conference


CUMC 2011

The first CUMC was held at McGill University in 1994. It was modelled after the Canadian Undergraduate Physics conference, and was intended to fulfill the undergraduate research community’s need for community, collaboration and sharing research. The CUMC has since been sponsored by the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) through its student committee, CMS Studc. CMS Studc also oversees the organization of the CUMC to ensure consistency of each event and to uphold the core values of the CUMC. Each year, the conference is organized locally by university students from a Canadian institution, who volunteer their time to deliver a great conference.

Conference Values

The core values of CUMC are bilingualism, regional diversity, and non-competitiveness. We wish to stress that CUMC is a national, bilingual event. This year’s organizing committee is pleased to offer all conference literature in both official languages to ensure that the conference is as inclusive as possible to francophone and anglophone attendees alike, and we hope to attract speakers and attendees from all corners of the country to our home in Saskatoon.

Conference Structure

CUMC 2012

The conference schedule is structured around student talks, given in 25 minute time slots, with additional social events planned. The main focus of CUMC has always been to give undergraduate students exposure to an academic conference setting. To this end, each student has the opportunity to give a lecture on any mathematical topic that they wish. Although the conference is intended for undergraduate students, it is important to note that this opportunity extends to anyone who wishes to present material that they find interesting. In short, we encourage you to get your feet wet and share your mathematical interests with like-minded people. If you are considering a talk but would like some more information, please consult the FAQ, or contact us at