CUMC 2023 — 30 year anniversary

June 19-23


Online registration is now available through the CMS portal. You will need to login or create an account to complete your registration. To begin, click here! (Please use a computer to register, as the website may not load correctly on a mobile device.)

Update: Our preliminary registration deadline is May 31st. Registering by this date will ensure that we are able to accommodate all student requests, such as sizing for conference t-shirts and dietary accommodations. Some of our academic events moreover have a limited number of spots, which are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. In particular, students must register by May 31st if they intend to attend the EDI Luncheon event. Students are encouraged to register as early as possible to ensure their needs are met, and they receive the best choice of events. If the May 31st deadline is not met, do not worry! The conference still offers a robust and engaging schedule, and the opportunity to give a student talk. Our final registration deadline is June 9th.

Student talks

If you would like to give a talk, please submit your abstract here. The deadline to submit is June 10.

What's included

The conference is five days long, from Monday June 19th to Friday June 23rd. We will start in the early evening on Monday, with opening remarks, an opening keynote lecture, before going to our opening night patio mixer at The Maddy! Food is covered.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are our main conference days. On these days, pastry basket breakfasts and with midday coffee breaks will be served. On 2/3 of these days, lunch will be served! On the remaining day, food is provided at our EDI luncheon event.

The cost of all conference social events is covered! The next day after our opening night patio mixer, on Tuesday night, snacks will be provided at our slumber party night. On Wednesday students have a free night to explore the city, and on Thursday there will be a huge dinner and dance party! The cost of all academic events and seminars are also covered. However, you must register for any conference events (academic and social) that you wish to go to when you sign up for the conference. We understand that not everyone will want to go, or can go to all conference events. To help us in our planning, we are kindly asking that you indicate when you register for the conference which ones you plan on attending! There will be a drop down menu for you to select events from on the registration page. Again, I want to emphasize that there is no extra cost for any events- this is just for our planning!

Note that the MATLAB workshop event currently has a registration cap of 50 people due to room size restrictions- we will explore options to expand if there is interest, so please still indicate if you are interested during registration.