CUMC 2023 — 30 year anniversary

June 19-23

Schedule and Program

The conference will commence on Monday June 19, with sign-in beginning at 2pm EST, and opening remarks at 6pm. The conference will end by 12pm on Friday June 23.

The final schedule for the 2023 CUMC is still under construction, but here are some events we are hoping to host, with more to come! See last year's 2022 schedule for more examples of what the conference will be like.

sample schedule

Academic Events

Guest Speakers & Plenary Lectures

We will have a range of plenary talks on a diverse set of topics including both pure and applied mathematics.

Student Talks

Student talks are at the center of the CUMC, and what many attendees reflect on as the highlight of their experience. When registration opens, you will have the opportunity to submit an abstract to give a talk.

The format of the talk is a 20-25 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions. You will have access to a projector for slides and a whiteboard. You may present in English or French, and we invite you to write your slides in the other language if you can.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mentorship Panel

An open conversation about inclusivity in mathematics, led by a diverse group of mathematicians and graduate students.

Contest Mathematics Workshop

An expert led and interactive workshop on contest mathematics and creative problem solving! Come learn from our champion Putnam team how to tackle tricky and exciting problems.

MATLAB Workshop

An interactive & hands on introduction to MATLAB for the modern math student! Come learn from our experts how MATLAB can help you in your mathematical journey.

Industry Pathways Seminar

Hear from an industry expert what you can do with your background in math! A wide variety of fields and pathways will be considered as we discuss what opportunities are available for students in the workforce.

Social Events

A highlight of past CUMCs has been a robust social calendar, and we intend to continue this tradition of bringing students together.

Opening Night Patio mixer at The Madison Avenue Pub & Hotel

Join us for a relaxed opening night mixer on the patio at a historic Toronto institution.

Games & Movie Slumber Party Night

A fun relaxed night to catch a movie or play some games with friends in your comfiest PJs! Join us for an on campus slumber party. Board games, video games, and snacks will be provided. Movies that will be shown are TBD.

Dinner & Dance Party at The Moonlight Lounge

A night full of fun at The Moonlight Lounge! Join us for dinner and a dance party at a gorgeous venue in the heart of Kensington Market.